Happy Translation Day, dear colleagues of the translation branch! Each year on the 30th of September we celebrate the International Translation Day. On this day we honour the patron saint of translators Saint Jerome, who was the first to translate the Bible from Greek into Hebrew and Latin between 383 and 406 AD.

The official celebration of the International Translation Day was initiated in 1991 by the International Federation of Translators (FIT). Thus the Federation attracted the attention of society to the considerable significance of the translation activity. Without the work of translators a lot of great scientific achievements, inventions, discoveries and literature works would have remained unknown to those, who don’t know the language in which they have been created. Translations are also a bridge in human relations creating contacts, friendships and business opportunities. In today’s globalized and dynamic world translation plays an important part, but is often taken for granted – maybe because if a translation is good, one fails to notice that it’s a translation. 

On this day Bulgarian translators celebrate also the holy work of Saint Evtimiy, Patriarch of Tarnovo (1320-1402), the great bookman from the end of the Second Bulgarian Empire. Patriarch Evtimiy laid the foundations of the literary orthographic reform in the Bulgarian language and the principles of the Third Bulgarian Translation School. To this day Bulgarian translators of fiction, scientific, technical and linguistic literature follow the tradition he bequeathed to them.