Localization is a process of adaptation of a text (translation) to the specifics and terminology of the respective language and place with the aim to preserve the style and flavour of the original text. It’s performed by highly qualified in the respective field translators. Usually these are translators for whom the target language is a mother tongue. The localization of a translation includes not only conversion of the units of measurement, currencies, technical parameters into their respective counterparts or transcription of dates, addresses, names, etc. in accordance with the local official practices, but also usage of a number of linguistic methods for text adaptation. Localization makes a translation sound familiar to the target audience and guarantees the success of the embedded message.

Through the years we’ve gained experience in the localization of subtitles, advertising packages and websites of foreign companies, which had just entered the Bulgarian market. As a result their messages and offers became understandable and successful for their Bulgarian clients.

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