It's impossible to create a high-quality product through a low-quality process. ELIAS maintains high standards and exercises strict control over the whole process of preparation of the translation which passes through the following stages:

  • acceptance of the translation – competent analysis of the text and the requirements of the client and documenting;
  • selection of translator(s) and specialist(s) with experience in the respective field (terminology);
  • translation by an authorized translator who obligatorily edits and proofreads their translation;
  • check-up from a specialist who checks the translation for omissions, discrepancies and factological mistakes;
  • editing of the translation, if necessary, by an editor who is an expert in the respective terminology;
  • final review of the translation and technical preparation for its delivery.

In the execution of large translation projects in short terms we form teams of competent translators, experts, consultants, editors, proofreaders, philologists and DTP specialists, who work simultaneously, conforming to the individual requirements of the client. In these orders we make sure there is enough time for the complex and labour-consuming work of the editors, so that the final result is a high-quality translation despite the short term.

Quality translations are done by good professionals and we carefully select our translators, editors and proofreaders according to the following criteria:

  • translator qualification and knowledge of the two languages;
  • translation (editing, proofreading) skills and experience;
  • test translation and improvement of the skills of the translators;
  • technical skills for work with translation software and equipment;
  • reliability in terms of deadlines of the translations.

The constant improvement of our quality control system aims at high-quality translation services which surpass client expectations.